The thing that bothers me the most about this whole swatting prank is that Jordan was livestreaming with a webcam and if god forbid somebody shot him we would have all witnessed it. We would have seen the moment that broke everything and that scares me

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Somebody just called in a bomb threat on a group of innocent, harmless youtubers during a live stream.

The whole building was cleared out by SWAT teams (even though they only rent one floor).

The youtubers were held at gunpoint and arrested live on camera in front of their fans.

Even nearby schools were closed and evacuated.

They could go to jail.

One wrong move and they could’ve been shot.

All because somebody thought it would be funny.

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most of the time James sounds like

"that looks like SHIT"

"you’re an asshole"


but then sometimes he sounds like a kindly old woman

"poor thing"

"oh my good lord!"

"get down from there, you’ll hurt yourself!"

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