let me teach you about kevin aka goldenblackhawk


first of all look at his face

he’s a beautiful meme queen

he’s also an actual real life anime

that’s right: he’s a whole entire anime

psa: look at this cat

wow this guy’s so cute and important

I mean who wouldn’t want to hug him

can’t say no to this face huh

in conclusion: kiss kiss fall over and bow down to king kevin

intoxicatedbreath: —————————— this is so great ????

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Imagine GLaDOS as a GPS though


"Turn left. You monster."
“Oh, you missed your turn. That’s alright. It’s not like I gave you an advanced warning or anything. Oh wait. I did. Three of them.”
“Now I have to recalculate the entire route. Again. By myself.”
“Congratulations.  You’ve gotten us so lost even I don’t know where we are.” *slow clap*

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